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March 12, 2015
Remember My Song!

Remember my words, remember my voice.
Remember my thoughts, remember my choice.
Remember my touch, remember my goal.
Remember my dream, and remember my soul.

My song is your song. And when we're apart,
My voice is your voice; you're in my heart.
Remember my life, and always be strong.
Remember my love, and remember my song.

Life takes us on a journey, our time together almost gone.
And as we travel on this journey, all I ask is remember my song.

Remember, remember, remember...........

Lyrics by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse


A Gift of Music
The Journey
Saturday, May 23, 2015

(See Choir Associations page for details)

Alfred and Dana Kunz

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Information (519) 662-3291

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Dr. Alfred Kunz

Artistic Director, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Vocal Coach and Publisher.

As noted in the University of Waterloo citation for Alfred Kunz's honorary doctorate:

"A national treasure in the field of composition and choral conducting, Alfred Kunz has contributed his enormous creative and organizational energies to the musical culture of the German Canadian community, in general, and to the Kitchener-Waterloo community, in particular, since 1955. For fifty years he was the conductor of the Concordia Club Choirs and is the driving spirit behind the founding of several choral groups, including the Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus, the Bach Kantate Singers, the Joshua Singers, the Nith Valley Singers, Music Alive Choral Organization, and the Millennium Concert Choir.

For a decade and a half during the early years of the University of Waterloo, Alfred Kunz was involved in music making with the campus community. During this time he organized choirs and presented many challenging performances drawn from the classical repertoire as well as from his own work. As a composer, his works have been performed by various professional and amateur organizations across Canada and, indeed, in Europe. He is prolific, and inclined to the avant-garde.

Alfred Kunz is committed to the concept of music as a life skill rather than as a performance technique. His work has consistently demonstrated his unflagging commitment to the very ideal of music and to music itself as a necessity for a truly humane society.

As a composer, choral director, arranger, and music coach, Mr. Kunz has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to make music not for the few but for the many: the common property of all."

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